2016 World

Championship Finalist

~ Special Rate for Current Toastmasters Members ~

Take advantage of any of the following offerings for a one-time basis, on-going private tutorial

or set up a group workshop for your friends or club members.

Speech Sculpt Workshop

These 90 minutes will forever change your delivery, your connection with your audience & even the way you evaluate! Katina coaches 5 speakers LIVE - sign up to speak or just listen in on the unique advice & techniques. 

Group/Private Coaching 

Blocking, Comedic Timing, Vocal Variety, Mastering the Pause, Nesting, Natural Gesturing, Eye Contact... Katina will help you drastically improve your speaking techniques.


Described as "extraordinary, courageous & maverick," Katina is a masterful storyteller with the ability to enrapture audiences young & old...

Contest Preparation

Let Katina be your idea springboard, & amp up your skills to be a polished speaker holding their own against the most intimidating competitors. 

Draft Review

With more editing power than your fourth grade English teacher, give Katina your speech copy for a grammar, organization, pauses & literary re-structuring suggestions.

Couch Coaching Survey

What are your thoughts about personal coaching from my or your own couch?! Click the question mark to give me your opinion.

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