Adding a highly entertaining piece to your event boosts excitement as well as future participation​. Perfectly marrying entertainment with education, Katina relates to audiences across the board. The following presentations have been proven with various audiences & are just the tip of the iceberg. Choose one below or ask Katina to create a one-of-a-kind speech or workshop that's just right for the participants of your event...

           SAY  WHAAA? Keynote


Miscommunication is the root of most of our problems.  Katina fully explains the communication process (in a way that won't make you want to "gouge your eyes out") before jumping into the steps you should take to mitigate miscommunication in your professional or personal life. Peppered with hands-on activities & real-life examples to drive home significant points - this workshop is perfect for teens through adults. This keynote also makes a learning-rich workshop. 

           WHAT I WON BY LOSING Keynote

A powerful message based on the aftermath of losing. The emotional story about competition, victory & the outcome no one expected. Join Katina as she brings you behind the scenes of the World Championship of Public Speaking - an intense competition where 32,000 people from 147 countries enter & her moments on the "World Stage" with the final 10 contestants. 

           PICTURE of SUCCESS Keynote

Originally designed for a national collegiate conference, this motivational speech cleverly uses pictures to depict a message of inspiring success. Highly visual & customized for each specific audience, Katina points out the numerous levels in which pictures & success are paralleled. Audience members will give more thought on the mental snapshots they imprint on others & will be captivated by Katina's edgy sense of humor.

           HAPPILY EVER AFTER Keynote


There are answers to our disappontments in life. But first, we must ask the right questions. Audience members will laugh (a LOT) & get hit (literally!) with the truth about the unrealistic pursuit of perfection. Katina presents a comedic & refreshing view of our challenges, accomplishments & future ambitions in this hilarious & eye-opening speech.



Each group & audience is unique & has distinct needs. Genuinely interested in a developing poignant message for your group, Katina speaks & organizes workshops addressing each specific interest. Help with the brainstorming process to create the perfect presentation for the participants of your event...

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