"Katina is amazing! The kids adore her! "

Jeanette Blank, Pennsylvania 4-H Teen Program Specialist

"The kids absolutely loved your presentation! "

Kylee Kaszer

"Outstanding! I have not heard a poor review. I was expecting your always pleasurable wit, but was not expecting the amount of deep connections that you were able to make. It was astonishing and I was on the verge of crying practically the entire time."

Nicholas Glover


“’Hilarious, informative and relatable! Ten out of a ten!”

Amber Pound, 4-H State Council Historian


"I must say, Katina Hunter is an amazing speaker!! Very nice and informative! I really enjoyed it!!"

Britney Stickle-Hufnagel

"Extremely fun!"

Meghan Farmery, Delaware Valley College Collegiate 4-H Member

"So creative! Katina's drama history really shows in her speaking."

Jill Perry, Member of Toastmasters International


"...had an amazing time - I loved it & especially liked Katina's sense of humor...." 

Maya Shaw, University of Arizona Collegiate 4-H Member


"Not only emotional, but powerful."

Member of Toastmasters International


"Smooth... captivated everybody..."

Oliver Heuwold, Member of Toastmasters International


“Eengaging and completely out-of –the-box."

Alexandra Adams, 4-H State Council VP of Internal Affairs​


"Katina was incredible!"
Mya Rushton, 4-H Teen Program Manager


“Please have Katina back again! She made me laugh, & I got a lot of value from what she said!” 



"Great connection with the audience!"

Member of Toastmasters International

"Katina really knows how to move kids, & she's really fun-focused." 



"Wow! I'm a feedback/coaching junkie, and that's some of the best feedback I've ever received!"
Terry Begue, Toastmaster

"I learned more from Katina in one weekend than any other speaking conference I've ever gone to."

Jeff, Toastmaster & Participant of Blocking Bootcamp

"NOW I know what to do to get my audience's attention!"

Participant of Speaking Educational Session

"I knew there had to be a method to the madness, and now I know WHAT that is! These are USABLE tips!"

Participant of Speech Sculpt

"Your blocking session alone made the whole 3-hour trip to the conference worthwhile for me!"

Tom Tyron, Blocking Bootcamp Participant

"Katina has a gift for bringing out the best in speakers.  She has helped me gain confidence  and  has taught me several techniques for writing and delivering speeches.  She is always available to answer any questions, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills."

Ian Pease, Toastmaster

"This is by far the best feedback I have EVER received on a speech! {Katina is} an excellent role model for people who really want to grow and become better public speakers!"

Tom Parmelee, Toastmasters International

“Katina's very enthusiastic - very funny & a great instructor!”​



"Most exciting educational experience!"

Participant of Blocking Bootcamp Workshop

“‘Say Whaaa?’ was the best workshop... best session of the day. I loved how fun the workshop was & how effectively the message was conveyed."

Participant of "Say Whaaa?" Workshop

"The workshop was the bomb! It’s seriously one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. It was easy for me to connect with Katina. She made me laugh, and I got a lot of value from what she said!"

Dylan Levan, 4-H State Council Sentinel

"Everyone I spoke to who had your workshop said it was their favorite. Thanks and great job!"

Nathan Repetz, 4-H State Council President

"I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for the past ten years. I studied world class speakers and learned you need help to compete at a world class level.  I became a coaching junkie! If someone said they could help me get better I hired them, at times I had three coaches at the same time! Eventually I stopped getting better and was stuck, even though I had sought out some of the best coaches in the world!

In 2016, I was watching the finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking. That’s when I heard Katina Hunter speak and knew I had to meet her. It wasn’t long before she was coaching me. Katina taught me how to write, speak and deliver a message from my heart and how to connect with an audience like no one else could!

Thank you, Katina! Because of you I know that one day I’ll be on that finals stage!"

Terry Begue

3-Time Semi-Finalist, World Championship of Public Speaking



Stellar - thank you!