Short & Sweet...

Skimming the surface with what Katina does - enjoy these short snippets
from her verious engagements.

Make 'Em Laugh

Katina has a knack for incorporating clean, witty & downright HILARIOUS comedy into even the most serious of her talks.

Speech Sculpt

Katina gives a unique evaluation/coaching session for several advanced speakers who thought they knew all there was to know. Check out their reactions!


"The Gift" ~ Washington, D.C.

Katina gives the speech that won her a place on the 2016

World Championship Finals stage.


"An Audience of One" ~

Washington, D.C.

The moving presentation Katina gave as one of the Top 10 Speakers of the World at the International Toastmaster Convention in 2016.




"Blocking Bootcamp"

Katina gives a detailed workshop on how to block your

speech & perfect your movements on stage. Learn how to be

in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!


"The 'DO NOT' List" ~ Erie, PA

Katina presents her award-winning humorous speech at the 2014 District Humorous Speech Contest.




"Just One Piece" ~

Vancouver, British Columbia

Comedy & emotion perfectly married in this speech that Katina presented at the World Championship Semi-Finals, securing her spot as one of the top 10 speakers of the world again in 2017.